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How do you get better at this FIFA 15 game?

Feel like I'm no better than I was when I started, horrible possession because I can't defend at all and can hardly take the ball from opponent, and very few goals because I can't do anything on attack. Seems my opponents get it down to my side's penalty...

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What are the point of FIFA 15 nowadays?

Back in the "old days" of UT, IF's actually had huge boosts to their stats and made the extra (albeit small at that time) price increase well worth the coins Nowadays, I opt for the NIF version of the player if it's between an expensive IF with +6 overall...

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Non shiny scruffy FIFA 15 golds

I have like a OCD were i hate using non shiny player bcus i feel they just make my team look scruffy lmao some will find that weird but i know allot of you will agree and feel the same. HOWEVER... non shiny players seem to have special powers i swear,...

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