Attribute cards should have no FIFA 15 place in competitive/important matches

Published on by steve

Yet another final, yet another team with attribute fifa coins cards.

The leader of the culprits this time? Messi, Di Maria, Iniesta.

I've always held this view but it was never this bad before. I've played 7 tournaments, facing 8 fully boosted teams along the way. I emphasize fully because I'm not counting the odd 1-3 player boosts, this is the full team.

Of the 7 tournaments, I faced 2 of them in the semi, 6 in the final. Oddly enough the only final I played without them was against another forumer.

Attribute cards should really have no place in tournaments/divisions.

In all honesty I have a love and hate relationship with them. I never use them on the starting 11 but I keep 3 juiced players on my bench at all times to unleash on a shusher/replay/sultan of sweat.
same 3 players all year
baines at lw/striker
Vidal at cam
Boateng at CB or rb

Baines tends to score at least 2 and makes the usual fifa 15 coins sweaty CB s cry

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