How do you get better at this FIFA 15 game?

Published on by steve

Feel like I'm no better than I was when I started, horrible possession because I can't defend at all and can hardly take the ball from opponent, and very few goals because I can't do anything on attack. Seems my opponents get it down to my side's penalty box every attack, while it feels like almost all of my attacks stop near the middle of the field. I play mostly horrible players because I've not gotten far at all in FUT, seasons, any of that but I still keep losing bad.

I usually use the wings and cut in and pass to the CAM or Cf thats standing at the edge of the box (who is usually unmarked) and try sniping with him, but mostly I use one twos to open the other teams defence. And if worst comes to worst, use a doumbia - musa- emeneke squad. Drown your opponents in sweat

Maybe go onto the arena and practise FIFA 15 Coins skill moves. Start with the 2* ones and try them in games. When you feel comfortable doing them, try 3* moves. Don't just spam them but use them at key moments. Concentrate on one move at a time if necessary.
You'd be surprised at the difference when you can do stepovers and ball rolls effectively.
When defending, you don't need to park the bus or go UD or play 5atb. That just invites them onto you more. Try and keep your back line in position at all times.

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