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So recently I complained to EA FIFA 15 Coins support about the new patch because I wanted them to know that people are unhappy with it and he told me that the game was going to stay the way it is for the forseeable future. This made me extremly angry.

EA CLAIMS to have been listening to the community when they made the new patch but for some reason they are ignoring every single message of criticism that the new update recieves, and don't get me wrong there are plenty of threads. I see a new thread rightfully criticizing the update every time I come here.

The thing is though, the EA support guy PROMISED me that someone from EA would reply to this message. Here are the parts of the transcript that promise this:
Rishab: Our studios do take care of the posts of our customers on the forum.
Rishab: I request you to please post it on the forum so that our studios can be made aware of this fact.

Here is a gauge of how many people like and dislike the new patch.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SvmCng0RL0 Youtuber Nepenthez asked his viewers to like the video if they hate the patch and dislike the video if they like the patch. Currently 41 601 people are basically saying they hate the new patch and 2 977 are saying they enjoy it. So that is saying 93.3% of users HATE the new patch according to the video.

Here's another poll that was taken on reddit.com/r/fifa a community of almost 35 000 fifa players.http://strawpoll.me/3180150/r
If you ignore the people who didn't know the patch existed only 26% of people enjoy the new patch.

These two stats are shocking for a company that claims they listened to the community to produce this update.

Now here is the final poll once and for all for EA forum users: Did you enjoy the game more before or after the new patch? (Released on 25 November)

Here is the poll: http://strawpoll.me/3218741

If you do not know what the new patch does, please watch the video that I posted up there by Nepenthez or look at the official patch notes provided by EA. Basically to summarize it it made defenders behave far more effectively, almost inhuman and lowered the pace significantly. If you have noticed a change of gameplay after 25 November that would be due to the effects of the update.

So will someone from EA respond to the thread and please reconsider this update or fix the problems it has.

Summary: The majority of people dislike the new gameplay caused by the new update, please listen to the community EA.

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