Non shiny scruffy FIFA 15 golds

Published on by steve

I have like a OCD were i hate using non shiny player bcus i feel they just make my team look scruffy lmao some will find that weird but i know allot of you will agree and feel the same.
non shiny players seem to have special powers i swear, every time i would come up against a solid beastly rich team or even full legend teams i would feel comfortable, not guna say i won every time but i would say i won most.
Then when i come up with teams that has several non shiny gold players in it i would most of the time get WRECKED.

I need help on building squads and i need to learn how to balance teams with my fav players like ronaldo etc and doggy doo doo non shiny players or im just guna keep getting caphanded and destroyed by these non shiny fifa 15 coins teams

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