What are the point of FIFA 15 nowadays?

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Back in the "old days" of UT, IF's actually had huge boosts to their stats and made the extra (albeit small at that time) price increase well worth the coins

Nowadays, I opt for the NIF version of the player if it's between an expensive IF with +6 overall stats and his NIF card

Really, I don't see the point in having IF's anymore if they're the exact same as their NIF card as far as stats goes

I would love to see EA bring back big stat boosts to IF's, as well as meaningful position changes like CR7 this week, and in addition, something they've never done before but I think would be cool would be to upgrade players WF and skill moves as well

This would make buying packs potentially more "worth it" as well imo

Just my thoughts, anyone else have an opinion on it?

I agree that you can't feel a huge difference between the NIF and IF with all players, but I would say that there is a significant difference between the majority of the NIF and IF versions, that makes them worth buying.

When I first tried Vela he felt really sluggish, and I couldn't score with the guy. Now I have the IF and he has scored more goals than Neymar, who I have on the other winger position. And I have experienced kind of the same with Be?at and his IF.

Some players like Lacazette and Emenike has really good NIF versions and there aren't a huge difference between them and their IFs, but some like the danish silver RM Ankersen has a complete useless NIF. Now I have his IF and he just keeps crossing fifa 14 coins them assists to IF Bendtner in my Danish squad.

And finally, it is just cooler and more unique to have the IF version of a player.

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