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FIFA 15 Prices continue skyrocketing

I'm speechless at how expensive things are, albeit not surprised they rose...just the amount. For the most part, I sold too early it seems. Just to name a couple: IF Lahm - going for 700k. I thought I did well buying at 250k selling at 450k. SIF DDG -...

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Leaguegaming.com, home of the highly-successful Leaguegaming Hockey League (LGHL), has expanded into the realm of FIFA and is looking for dedicated members to join our 11 vs. 11 experience on the Xbox One. The LGFA recently wrapped its first Beta FIFA...

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Managing a collection of FIFA 15 players

What would be the easiest way to manage a collection of players? I'd like to try and collect all Belgian players and I'm thinking that it would be nice to have a list in Excel to track who I already have and how much I paid for them. Last year I was able...

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FIFA 15 PS4 - Looking for a club

I play Striker, CAM and GK My general overall is 7.6. My striker overall is 8.2 Send me a friend request when interested. PSN is Dark114 Hey! I'm looking to make a new club, and of course, I need FIFA 15 Coins PC players. Not too much to say about the...

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these stupid referees FIFA 15

fix the referees JUST BECAUSE THEYRE DOING A SKILL MOVE WHILE THEYRE BEING ANALLY PENETRATED DOESNT MEAN ITS ANY LESS OF A FOUL I literally don't think ive seen someone with their head farther up their ass than Mehmet yildiraz. sung kwan cho was pretty...

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