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just picked him up today, ive only fifa 15 coins played 4 games with him but honest to god he is insane! best player ive used on fifa i mean he is ridiculous, scored some insane near post shots, free kicks he wacks them in, like seriously he feels broken,...

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What You Need To Know About FIFA fifteen

Because of to this, it's vital that you have as several cash as attainable. There are two major approaches in which you can get the cash: totally free and by means of buying. Purchasing the currencies demands you to have some funds even so, if you really...

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CR7 playing like a bronze fifa 15 player

So I actually managed to buy CR7. Had him last year and he was very good for me, Not as good as Ibra but good. However this year he is *. I can't actually score with him. I can score with me CBs and I can't score with him. I use him as LF in striker position....

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Rating FIFA 15 system is so broken

Had 5.9 the entire 2nd half. Won headers, won tackles, intercepted, played perfect long passes.. Didn't affect my rating at all, it was just stuck on 5.9 (I don't even know why it was 5.9 at all, I played a good 1st half). Ended 0-0 and I was CM. 10/13...

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The FIFA 15 Game needs fixing

Its never going to be perfect but these are pretty obvious issues IMO. Corners- Have become basically useless, its so bad people call over a player or cross way out in front of the box EVERY TIME! . Its nearly impossible to score on them. The smallest...

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