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just picked him up today, ive only fifa 15 coins played 4 games with him but honest to god he is insane! best player ive used on fifa i mean he is ridiculous, scored some insane near post shots, free kicks he wacks them in, like seriously he feels broken, if you have the coins pick him up 4-3-1-2 play him at CAM just wow... i have crespo and IF tevez up top but he just outshines everyone

I wanted him with Rui Costa in a 4-5-1, due to the worst 'crash' ever, I had to ditch one or the other.

As amazing as Hagi looks, I've always loved Rui, & he gets the link with Ronaldo. I'm not disappointed in Rui either, 6 goals in 4 games, all free kicks. I also managed something I never have before, a hat trick solely of free kicks!

I do need to try Hagi out at somepoint (What team do you have btw) but after a few games with this team, I can only see me upgrading my current fifa coins players. More than happy with this,

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