The FIFA 15 Game needs fixing

Published on by steve

Its never going to be perfect but these are pretty obvious issues IMO.

Corners- Have become basically useless, its so bad people call over a player or cross way out in front of the box EVERY TIME! . Its nearly impossible to score on them. The smallest wingers are looking to header. Never the right CB you want up to head it in(can we choose CB in instructions "goes up on corners". Tactics dont work. If you get a rebound it goes go the worst shooter on your team (mostly fullbacks). If you highlight a player to head it in youll be mid air jumping and another player on your team collides with you.

Defending- Way to automatic. 2nd man contain ruined this game. Literally put the controller down type stuff. Lob balls improved? Definitely, now i can't manually control my CB to the proper position to the point my cpu is fighting me to let him lob through and score.

Passing- seemed to have really slowed down. Ground passes are harder and lobs and over the top much easier.

Headers- I know people last year think it was OP. Maybe so. But now theyre so hard to score. The go over the crossbar or youre not allowed to position your player where you want. Idk whats hp but they are too hard. It should be more fight for position and a timed, calm jump.

Shooting - Idk where finesse went from the beginning but i find after this last patch its nothing but near post rips and power shots. Long shots are a little to tough even for long shot takers fifa 15 coins.

Goalies- Pretty bad. Near post is ridiculous. Ive seen so many stupid GK mistakes that has cost me. Run by the ball when called out striker taps it in. Shot is coming right at GK, steps aside and flies in. So many. I would imagine this is a tough part to nail but they need fixing. My 64 non rare silver feels better than neuer and im not exaggerating.

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