Rating FIFA 15 system is so broken

Published on by steve

Had 5.9 the entire 2nd half. Won headers, won tackles, intercepted, played perfect long passes.. Didn't affect my rating at all, it was just stuck on 5.9 (I don't even know why it was 5.9 at all, I played a good 1st half). Ended 0-0 and I was CM. 10/13 passes (just average) and 16/17 dribbles. Positioning was always good, positioning is one of my strengths. I think I deserved something like 6.8 or 6.9. Was by far the best player on the pitch (also got the best rating in my team) Played 300+ pro clubs matches on FIFA 15 and know how things should be.

My rating was good for a while (around 6.5 at some point in 1st half), but suddenly it dropped to 5.9 for no reason. I think that happens too often. Shouldn't drop that much for no obvious reason.

Tried to look at all stats after the game, bud didn't have time to look at my tackling. Don't think I failed any, normally a good tackler and my average is 87 % cheap fifa 15 coins.

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