BPL experts: help FIFA 15 needed on upgrading my 433

Published on by steve

Hi guys,

I saved around 200k to invest during the pre TOTY crash to upgrade my current team.

My question is : performance/cost wise, are my planned upgrades worth it?

Lloris (over Mignolet)
Ramires (over Matic) as CM
Diego Costa (over Balotelli) as *
Rooney (over Mata) as CAM

Excluding their respective IFs as this would blow my budget (and even if Rooney is tempting).

Thanks for your thoughts and happy new year and... Boxing day!!

Thanks for the fifa 15 coins tips.

On Ramires (and Costa), when playing the demo back in September, both felt totally OP. But again, having Fernandinho and Balo in my team may mean there is little point in upgrading them.

On Mignolet, I mostly play with Hart, which seems OK and just use Mignolet offline so I guess that's why I have not noticed how terrible he is! Apart from Lloris, any GK worth having apart from Courtois? Cech maybe?

Might try De Gea but if he is up, his normal initial card won't...

I have Sturridge already and wanted to change from the pacey striker that feels like cheating but Remy is my obvious choice if Costa is not that good. TBH, I play a lot of counter attack with pacey wingers (but no lob ball!!) so actually Remy is possibly the best option for my style...

I like Mata but indeed he feels weak. Rooney is certainly the player on which I have the highest expectations! When I think he was 30k on Xbox 2 weeks ago. Now having an IF, he will hardly reach this low by TOTY crash... If there is any!

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