Managing a collection of FIFA 15 players

Published on by steve

What would be the easiest way to manage a collection of players? I'd like to try and collect all Belgian players and I'm thinking that it would be nice to have a list in Excel to track who I already have and how much I paid for them. Last year I was able to use JP's app which shows whether or not you have a player already when searching the market but this year I'll be limited to the in-game market and the web app and as far as I know you can't see if you already have a player when you're searching the market.
Is there a website that lets you export a list of all the players of a specific country?

Not sure what you are talkin about but i FIFA 15 Coins guess its not that hard to start using an excel sheet and mark the players you already have. If you are talking about a specific nation or league, id say just go ahead w/ futhead?

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