FIFA 15 PS4 - Looking for a club

Published on by steve

I play Striker, CAM and GK

My general overall is 7.6. My striker overall is 8.2

Send me a friend request when interested.

PSN is Dark114

Hey! I'm looking to make a new club, and of course, I need FIFA 15 Coins PC players.

Not too much to say about the club, else then that back in FIFA 14 we had a huge success and got into the top 50 clubs.

Here's a preview of the goals for the club:
-We want to win the first 20 matches we play.
-We want to get some very good players into the club, who also don't blame each other.
-We want to get to div 1.
-We want to win div 1.
-We want to get into the top 100.
-We want to get higher up in the top clubs rankings.

We're looking for very good players who always play to win every match. Also, you need to pass the ball a lot. We're looking to play good football together. If you're a wannabe Ronaldo, then please stay away. Manager will be earned when I totally trust you 100% and are loyal.

Formation: 4-3-1-2, 4-1-2-1-2 (2)

Positions needed and criterias for each position:

Striker: You need to have an eye for goal, but also pass the ball. You need to know when to pass, when to shoot, when to dribble and when to hold up the pass and wait for a run. Also, you need to be unselfish, and pass a lot.

CAM: You need to see the runs from the Striker(s) and wingers, get a lot of assists and I also expect you to score a few goals.

CM: You need to stay in your position and have a good passing and tackling game. That's basically all you need.

CDM: You need to hold your position, know how to tackle, when to stay on your feet and when to slide. Also, you need to have a very good passing game, but go for a simple passing game, wich is going to make us able to play our possession game.

CB: You absolutely have to know when to stay on your feet and when to slide. You need to know when to clear it away and when to stay calm, and play a simple passing game. Also, since CB is a very hard position to play, you will need a lot of experience.

FB: Not too many criterias for this position, as it is a very simple position to play. Only thing is, stay in position, but go on overlaps a lot. When you go on overlaps, you need to get back in position too though. Also, play a simple passing game.

We don't need a GK, because we already have one of the best goalkeepers in the game atm.

When do we play?

This depends on when we have players online. We will play whenever people have time. We're looking to play as much as possible, so if you're a very inactive player who's not able to play at least 5 days a week, please stay away. Playing times will come when we have built up a good club with a lot of players.

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