FIFA 15 Prices continue skyrocketing

Published on by steve

I'm speechless at how expensive things are, albeit not surprised they rose...just the amount.

For the most part, I sold too early it seems. Just to name a couple:

IF Lahm - going for 700k. I thought I did well buying at 250k selling at 450k.

SIF DDG - going for 300k. FIFA Coins 100/200 buy/sell.


My guess is a combination of:
1) EA bans cleared quite a few IFs off the market
2) Completing/stuck errors/server issues have reduced the supply of same IFs
3) Overall inflation bc of packs bought through whatever means
4) Too many traders trying to invest, quick flip, etc

Regardless, I'm sitting on coins til TOTY bc in the couple of small crashes I've already paid attention to the panic has been remarkable and it's only going to be more dramatic

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