Do you think some MLS FIFA 15 clubs could hold their own for a whole season in one of

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Before I state my case, I want to say that I don't watch MLS, although oddly enough I live in a city with an MLS team. What little I know about the league is from FIFA, from which I noticed that there are a few 3 star teams in the league. I only watch the (English) Premier, Champions and Europa Leagues since that's the coverage I get. Used to get some Serie A and SPL a few years ago but they stopped showing it, so my knowledge of the (Spanish, German, Italian and French) leagues comes mainly from highlights, the two big European tournaments, and of course FIFA.

Now, here's my case. Not that I judge sports FIFA 15 Coins teams or players by their video game ratings, but there's obviously some merit to these ratings. That being said, there are some 3 star teams in the MLS. There are also 3 to 3 1/2 star teams in the top European leagues. Hence the question:

Do you think an MLS team could survive a full season in one of the current top 5 Euro leagues, avoiding relegation?

Let's say MLS top squads Seattle and LA were in the BPL. They'd definitely finish in bottom 5 but they could still beat some teams in that league, granted they'd get blown out by City, Chelsea, United.. But that's already the case for some of the lowly BPL Bottom feeders

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